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by Bill Munro

The HMMWV, or Humvee, was the first military vehicle of its kind. The initials, standing for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, describe its function, a base platform for a light general service truck, weapons carrier, shelter carrier and ambulance, with an off-road capability second to none. It was designed by the long-established military vehicle specialists AM General, who fought off competition from Teledyne Continental and General Dynamics to produce a distinctive vehicle that fulfils its role supremely well with all branches of the US military and with overseas users.

Developed during the late 1970s for use in a major land war in central Europe, the Humvee has proved equally at horne undertaking the peacekeeping and humanitarian operations that many of the world's armies are called upon to carry out in these post-Cold War years - a true mark of the soundness of the original concept.

And the Humvee has not only been successful in the military sphere: thrust into the public eye by its high profile role in the Gulf War, the Humvee became something of a cult vehicle and, after some pressure, AM General produced a civilian version. General Motors are now partners with AM General in the civilian HUMMER and have announced an all-new luxury model, the H2.

This book traces the Humvee's heritage frorn the first motor vehicles used by the US military in the Great War, through the trucks of World War Two and the Cold War years, to this remarkable vehicle's development and deployment. There are full technical descriptions of all US models as well as some variants produced by other countries, and accounts of the campaigns in which US armed forces have used Humvees. Most of the photographs and illustrations used have never before heen published, some being specially commissioned for the book.

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