Ferrari Dino 1965-1974 #2# Brooklands Limited Edition Extra

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Ferrari Dino 1965-1974 #2# Brooklands Limited Edition Extra

The Dino was introduced as a racing car and test bed for the 1600 ccm engine for Formula 2. To homologate a car for the series Fiat produced the Dino in 1967 as they could cope with the 500 cars that needed to be built. The V6 engine produced 180 bhp at 8000 rpm. In 1970 the engine size was increased to 2.4-litres. The 246GT was cut off in its prime in 1974 for make way for he 308GT4. The total Dino production run was 3913.

This is a book of contemporary road and comparison tests, specification and technical data, driver's impressions, new model reports and  history.

Models covered:

  • 206 GT
  • 246 GT
  • 246 GTS
  • pre-production prototypes

Buch, Softcover, 20 x 27 cm, 136 Seiten, ca. 350 s/w-Abbildungen, englischer Text