Rolls-Royce 17EX #2# A Fabulous Destiny / Ein Stück Geschichte

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Rolls-Royce 17EX #2# A Fabulous Destiny / Ein Stück Geschichte

by Gautam Sen

It is indeed incredible that this most unusual experimental car emanated from the drawing boards of Rolls-Royce Limited, a conservative carmaker if everthere was one. No, the Rolls-Royce Phantom I 17EX wasn't the flamboyant flight of fancy of an eccentric client, but a project commissioned by Mr. Conservative himself, Sir Henry Royce.

Why did Royce want such a special car made? What became of it since? What intriguing journeys it undertook? And how it found its present abode? This book is about all that, and about the tales and anecdotes from the life and times of Rolls-Royce's most special, its association with royalty, celebrities and enthusiasts.

Gautam Sen, widely acknowledged as the leading automotive journalist and writer in India, has done extensive research and been afforded unique access to the families that have owned 17EX at various points of time. Other than being in touch with the grandson of the Maharaja of Kashmir, 17EX's first owner, Sen knows very well the son of the second owner, P K Mitter of Calcutta, and the family of Protap Roy who "rediscovered" the car in the 1960s. Victor Muller and Alexander Schaufler, the two most recent owners of 17EX are also known to Sen and all of them have come forth in providing valuable archival material and information. The result is an authoritative and visually impressive story that not only tells the tale of a very special car, but also provides an insight into the privileged lives of the top ten of Indian society.

This book is about the "raison d'être" of this car, the "making of" it and the fabulous destiny that awaited it.

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