Jeep — The History of America's Greatest Vehicle

Jeep — The History of America's Greatest Vehicle
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by Patrick Foster The definitive, fully illustrated celebration of an auto manufacturer that... mehr
Jeep — The History of America's Greatest Vehicle

by Patrick Foster

The definitive, fully illustrated celebration of an auto manufacturer that paved its own way by going off-road. Few American vehicles, or vehicles made anywhere else in the world for that matter, are as universally iconic as the Jeep. From olive drab WWII military relics to the beloved Wrangler with its rear-mounted spare tire, open-air design, and telltale roll cage, the Jeep is a true classic.

This book chronicles over 70 years of Jeep vehicle design and production. Beginning with the Jeep as a crucial component of the American World War II fleet, Foster expertly recounts the corporate shifts, financial struggles and successes, close calls, and, above all, the enduring machines that have carried Jeep from the early 1940s to its triumphant role as a modern-day embodiment of American perseverance. Three hundred color and black-and-white historical photos complement his expertly written narrative of Jeep's entire history, reminding us that sometimes, the road less traveled was just waiting for the right truck.


  • Forged in War.
    Tales of wartime Jeep adventures, where the trusty Jeep saved lives and won the day
  • A legend is Born, 1940-1941.
    The history of Willys-Overland and Bantam Motors and their roles in developing the wartime Jeep
  • The Willys-Overland and Willys Motors Years, 1948-1963.
    Peacetime and military Jeeps produced by Willys-Overland and its successor, Willys Motors
  • Mr. Kaiser's Jeep, 1964-1969.
    In 1963, Kaiser Industries changed the name of the company to Kaiser-Jeep Corporation, tried to grow the corporation in America, and laid the groundwork for Jeep's amazino popularity Overseas
  • American Motors Takes the Wheel, 1970-1987.
    Jeep ownership transfers to AMG and Jeep's U.S. business grows nearly 700 percent
  • Chrysler in Command, 1988-1998.
    The Iacocca years and how his Chrysler Corporation built a whole new Jeep organization, one that could take the company to the next level
  • The DaimlerChrysler Fiasco, 1999-2007.
    The Daimler-Chrysler merger and how the German company caused Jeep to lose its Way
  • Tragedy and Triumph, 2007-2015.
    Jeep's comeback was temporarily derailed by Chrysler's bankruptcy, but the division has since been able to pull itself out of the basement and on to record-breaking years

Buch, Hardcover, 24 x 28 cm, 192 Seiten 172 farbige und 112 s/w-Abbildungen, englischer Text
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