Jaguar E-Type #2# The definitive history

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Jaguar E-Type #2# The definitive history

by Philip Porter

Rarely, if ever, has a car had a greater impact than the Jaguar E-type. Not only did the E-type's arrival in 1961 make a huge impression on the motoring world, but it also influenced the culture of a complete generation by becoming a potent emblem of the swinging sixties. Today the E-type remains one of the most recognised and revered of all classic cars, with a massive following of passionate owners and enthusiasts all over the world.

This is the most important book ever written about the car. The most notable aspect is the formidable depth of research behind it. The E-type is a fine car that deserves a fine book. Here is that book: the definitive history of the car and the people behind it.


  • The background
  • Design and development
  • Launch and reaction
  • Specification and production
  • Early cars and 1961 racing
  • XK-E invades the States
  • Development and evolution of the 3.8
  • The competition cars 1962-1964
  • The 4.2 E-type
  • The 2+2 E-type
  • The Series II E-type
  • The Series III V12 E-type
  • Born again racing car
  • Variations on the theme
  • The E-type in miniature
  • The E-type today
  • Retrospective


  • Specifications
  • Comparative specification of production E-type and Coombs E-type (August 1962)
  • The competition E-types
  • Competition results
  • Production changes
  • Models
  • Exports by market
  • Home deliveries
  • Stop press

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