Jaguar #2# Speed and Style (Third Edition)

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Jaguar #2# Speed and Style (Third Edition)

by Martin Buckley

Over 60 years on from the launch of the ground-breaking XK engine, cornerstone of Jaguar's post-war history, the famous Coventry company is on a roll. Under Ford ownership it is expanding rapidly, with exciting new products such as the S-Type and the X-Type taking it into fresh parts of the market.

But this new dynamism would not have been possible without the extraordinary heritage represented by the Jaguar name - a heritage on which Jaguar designers have proudly drawn for today's state-of-the-art models. The firm created by Sir William Lyons made its name with some of the most graceful cars the world had ever seen, from the XK120 to the svelte Mk. ll saloons and the extraordinary world-beating XJ6 - not to mention the iconic E-Type.

Along the way came five victories at Le Mans, the manufacture of the first mass-produced V12 engine of post-war years, and a reputation for providing the most seductively presented and best-value luxury cars in the world. Few marques can have a more illustrious past - no wonder Jaguar is one of the best-loved cars among motoring enthusiasts.

In this updated and expanded third edition, Martin Buckley examines all the post-war Jaguar saloons and sports cars, tracing their origins and development, and putting the reader behind the wheel with his personal driving impressions of each model. This is accompanied by detailed buying advice and full specification tables. Bringing the story right up to the present, the book concludes with an examination of the acclaimed new XF, and of the new XK sports car, capable of squaring up to, and beating, many of the most exotic names in the world.

For all Jaguar enthusiasts, this fascinating and beautifully illustrated book, packed with superb colour photography, is a perfect addition to the bookshelves.


Part 1: The Saloon Cars

  • The Mk. V
  • The Mk. VII, Mk. VIII and Mk. IX
  • The Mk. X and 420G
  • The Mk. I
  • The Mk. II and 240/340
  • The S-Type and 420
  • The XJ6 Series I and II
  • The XJ6 Series III
  • The XJ40
  • The X-300 and XJ8
  • The X-350
  • The S-Type and X-Type
  • The XF

Part 2: The Sports Cars

  • The XK 120
  • The XK 140
  • The XK 150
  • The E-Type Series I and II
  • The E-Type Series III V12
  • The XJ-S
  • The XK8
  • The XK

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