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Enzo Osella — english edition

Enzo Osella — english edition
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by Gianni Tomazzoni From the early days of the young boy who wanted to be a racing driver,... mehr
Enzo Osella — english edition

by Gianni Tomazzoni

From the early days of the young boy who wanted to be a racing driver, through the legendary Abarth workshops, to the first Abarth-Osella branded prototypes, and then the successful PA series.

The Formula 2 with which Eddie Cheever came close to victory in the European Championship before landing in the grandiose world of Formula 1, ten seasons side by side with the greats of motor racing, reaping small satisfactions but also a lot of "poison".

The return to the barchetta with which Osella won both in hill-climbs and on the world's most prestigious tracks.

A tale full of humanity that springs from the words of Enzo Osella himself, but also from the testimonies of those who, in various capacities, have had the pleasure of working with him in this half-century of motoring passion, including RAI journalist Ezio Zermiani, appreciated by all for his live connections from the starting grids of all Grand Prix, author of the preface.

Attached to the book is a DVD with rare images and an exclusive interview.


  • The origins
  • From Abarth to Osella
  • The big break: from the Osella PA1 to...
  • From sports-prototypes to open-wheel
  • The big "Circus"
  • True friends are hard to find
  • A Paddock life
  • "Adios" Formula 1
  • From Volpiano to Atella
  • The comeback

Buch, Hardcover, 29,5 x 24,5 cm, 280 Seiten, 470 farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text
incl. DVD
Einzelstück - Zustand: sehr gut (Einband an der unteren rechten Ecke leicht angestaucht, Rückseite leicht verkratzt)