The Ford that Beat Ferrari #2# A Racing History of the GT40 · LIMITED EDITION

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The Ford that Beat Ferrari #2# A Racing History of the GT40 · LIMITED EDITION

by John S. Allen and Gordon J. Jones

The Ford GT40 has become one of the best-known and most revered racing cars in the world. Between 1964 and 1969, the legendary GT40 competed in all the major sports car events. The long-distance endurance races of Daytona, Sebring and - the ultimate goal - Le Mans all fell to the GT40. It competed all over the globe, from Sweden to South Africa, from Brazil to Japan. It rallied in the chilling snows of Europe, and raced in the tropical heat of Angola. After a rather shaky start, it matured into a sturdy, dependable and fast racing car that was - thanks to its production Ford V8 engine - simple and inexpensive to buy and maintain, endearing itself to the impecunious club racers who jostled to buy battle-scarred veterans, to coax yet more races out of them.

Through subsequent years the GT40 has gradually evolved into one of the most sought-after cars of all time. Despite production of all variants, from Mark I to Mark V, reaching the astonishing tally of some 180 units, supply cannot keep pace with demand, and prime examples of this delectable racer can command prices as high as those of works by some of the world 's greatest artists.

Using evocative photographs this lavish book tells the story of the GT40's career, from construction of the first prototype, through the halcyon days of the World Sports Car Championship, to the historic racers of today, and then on to the new Ford GT that is carrying the tradition forward. When first published, in 1985, this book became a collectors' item in its own right, motoring auction houses recording ever-higher values for this much in-demand book.

Now available once more in completely revamped form, with new information, photographs and design, this classic book is unsurpassed in its coverage of the visual aspects of the racing history of the world 's greatest sports car - the glorious Ford GT40.

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