The Argentine Temporada Motor Races 1950 to 1960 #2# in 220 contemporary photos

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The Argentine Temporada Motor Races 1950 to 1960 #2# in 220 contemporary photos

by Hernan Lopez Laiseca

The annual Temporada (racing season) created a transition in Argentine motor sport. In earlier years racing circuits were primarily on rough tracks, with cars designed to cope with poor surfaces. Lacking the resources or technology needed to create bespoke circuits, Argentina looked to create racing venues from what it already had: public paved parks.

After WWII, the Temporadas were organised in the Torreon in Mar del Plata, Parque Independencia in Rosario, Palermo, Constanera and Retiro in Buenos Aires, and Sarmiento in Córdoba. Thanks to these races, held in public parks and on public roads, Argentina began to be seen as a potential destination for a Formula 1 Grand Prix and for a round of the world sports car championship, the Buenos Aires 1000km. The circuits hosted the likes of Billoresi, Varzi, Farina, Wimille, Ascari, Moss and Prince Bira, and arguably taught Juan Manuel Fangio how to drive race cars.

Wonderfully illustrated with 220 contemporary photographs, including many that have never been published before: images that will take you back in time, to the unique atmosphere of top motorsport in South America from 1950 to 1960.


  • 1950: Four wins for Ferrari 125
  • 1951: Defeat for the Mercedes-Benz W154
  • 1953: Ascari wins in a race marked by tragedy
  • 1954: Fangio, Trintignant, and the 1000km sports car race
  • 1955: Juan Manuel Fangio and Mercedes-Benz - an excellent duo
  • 1956: Fangio vs Moss
  • 1957: Italian rules
  • 1958: First win for a rear-engined car
  • 1960: British rule
  • Results

Buch, Hardcover, 25 x 25 cm, 144 Seiten, 223 s/w-Abbildungen, englischer Text