Cars at Speed #2# Classic Stories from Grand Prix's Golden Age

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Cars at Speed #2# Classic Stories from Grand Prix's Golden Age

by Robert Daley

Long before he became a best-selling novelist, Robert Daley was a European sports correspondent for the New York Times. In 1961, he published his first book, Cars At Speed, an historical and contemporary look at Grand Prix and sports car racing at twelve of the worlds greatest circuits. This hard-to-find and now collectible book, widely considered one of the best books ever written about sports car racing, returns here in a special edition, with a new Introduction by Daley as well as commissioned drawings of each featured circuit.

A rare opportunity to travel back in time to racings golden era, Cars at Speed offers a fascinating look at a time when danger and passion defined racing. Daley discusses the Grand Prix circuits of that era - e.g., Nuerburgring, Monza, Silverstone, Zandvoort, Spa, Monaco - detailing the qualities, history, great races, controversies, and accidents of each. He focuses on the stories of drivers such as the Marquis de Portago, Phil Hill, Stirling Moss, and Jean Behra, among others, recreating the mythical quality of the Grand Prix in its prime.

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