The greatest Years of Rallying · 1970s #2# From the Saab V4 to the Escort RS

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The greatest Years of Rallying · 1970s #2# From the Saab V4 to the Escort RS

by Steve Rider

International rallying has always stood out as a sport which allows its legions of fans to view the action at exhilaratingly close quarters. It is also one of the most fiercely competitive areas of top class motorsport. Above all it is a form of four-wheel competition that is constantly evolving and staying "right on the pace" - in more ways than one!

In this suitably fast-moving programme, Steve Rider looks back on the development of rallying in the 1970s - the decade when it truly came of age, changing from a sport with a genteel clubman's image to the days of glamorous superstar drivers and huge manufacturer investment.

This action-packed story is amply illustrated with terrific footage of all the great cars and personalities of the period, gleaned from producer BHP's extensive international rally archive. Now you can relive the legendary form of such memorable drivers as Clark, Blomqvist, Makinen and Mikkola and once again enjoy the glory days of Saab, Ford, Lancia and Fiat.

Welcome to the Greatest Years Of Rallying 1970s - the definitive reflection on one of motorsport's golden ages.

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