Alleggerita (english edition) #2# Alfa Romeo GTA GTAm GTAJ TZ Giulia TI Super

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Alleggerita (english edition) #2# Alfa Romeo GTA GTAm GTAJ TZ Giulia TI Super

by Tony Adriaensens und Patrick Dasse

This is a fully revised and enhanced edition of the "Alleggerita" which was published first byTony Adriaensens in 1994. The new book consists of 3 Volumes.

Volume 1: "Alleggerita" is about the evolution of the GTA/GTAJ/GTAm and the race history of the cars with a focus on the european touring car challenge, where Autodelta participated mainly.

Volume 2: "Alleggerita - Technical documentation" and includes the complete homolgation papers of the TZ/Giulia TI Super/GTA/GTJ/GTAJ/GTAm as well as the original Alfa Romeo documents in english about the technical characteristics of the GTA and the GTAJ. In addition to this there are many photos of the original parts for these cars.

464 pages with 708 color photos

Volume 3: "Alleggerita - Register" with a register of the GTA/GTAJ/GTAm.

528 pages with 396 b/w photos and 125 color photos

Buch, Hardcover, 3 Bände im Karton, 21,5 x 28,5 cm, insges. 1.456 Seiten, 951 farbige und 743 s/w-Abbildungen, englischer Text
limitiert auf 3.000 Exemplare, nummeriert auf dem Karton