Austin Allegro #2# An Enthusiast's Guide

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Austin Allegro #2# An Enthusiast's Guide

by Ben Wanklyn

The stylist of the Austin Allegro, Harris Mann, said of the car that "It took a lot of stick, but it wasn't that bad a car ... The trouble was that every one off the line was different in some way, thanks to quality control". As a result, few have bothered to explore the little Austin's background; what it was designed to achieve, how it became the way it was, and what happened to make it so infamous.

This book redresses the balance, telling the Allegro's tale of grand designs, high hopes, management compromises, failed dreams, industrial unrest, national ridicule and finally, redemption. Now experiencing something of a comeback as a cheap and cheerful classic, the book provides ownership advice and buying information for all models.

From the quietly competent series 2 models through to the sportily-styled and now very rare Equipe, the book re-evaluates the place of the Allegro in the classic car world and concludes that it is both a simple, economical classic choice, and an important part of British motoring history.


  • The Creation of the Allegro: A Legend is born
  • The Allegro Series 1, 1973-75: New Beginnings
  • The Allegro 2, 1975-79: Growing Pains
  • The Allegro 3, 1979-82: Twilight Years
  • Buying and Owning an Allegro

Buch, Softcover, 19 x 24,5 cm, 160 Seiten, 170 farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text