Datsun Fairlady Roadster to 280ZX #2# The Z-car story

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Datsun Fairlady Roadster to 280ZX #2# The Z-car story

by Brian Long

Launched in 1969, the Fairlady Z was the car that put Nissan (then Datsun) and Japan in the first division of the automotive manufacturers' league. The Z paved the way for a new breed of cars to succeed outside of Japan; a development which would fundamentally change the world's auto industry.

This book looks in detail at all of the Datsun sports cars that proudly carried the Fairlady name - the SP/SR roadsters, the 240Z, 260Z and 280Z, and the S130 series, commonly known as the 280ZX in export markets.

In this volume is a great deal of new information for enthusiasts in the west as Japanese models are covered in detail, along with those sold in Europe and America. It also puts straight, once and for all, the convoluted story of the Z, as there have been so many conflicting reports on what happened and when. Photographs and other illustrations have been sourced almost exclusively from the factory, so dedicated Datsun owners searching for originality are well catered for.

For many years, the Datsun Z was credited as the most successful sports car of all time, gaining fans the world over, and laying claim to a number of important successes in competition, both on the race track and in rallying: here is the Z-car story ...


  • The Datsun Story
  • The Fairlady
  • Birth of the Z
  • The first generation
  • The 260Z & 280Z
  • The works rally cars
  • The original Z in racing
  • The second generation
  • The ZX in competition
  • Concise buyer's guide
  • General specifications
  • Engine specifications
  • Production figures

Buch, Softcover, 20,5 x 25 cm, 208 Seiten, 298 größtenteils farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text