Ferrari Dino #2# The Complete Story

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ISBN-13: 9781861260659


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Ferrari Dino #2# The Complete Story

by Anthony Curtis

Conceived in the mid-sixties and in production only until 1974, the mid-engined Ferrari Dino is a classic sports car. One of the most attractive cars ever built, the striking design of the Dino successfully combined functional elegance with a dramatic appearance. Designed and built with the traditional Ferrari qualities of performance and power in mind, it still compares favourably with more modern designs thanks to its superb blend of speed and forgiving handling.

This book covers the evolution of the design from 206 to 246 and includes derivates such as the Fiat Dino and successors like the Ferrari 308 GT4 and 308 GTB. Superbly illustrated throughout and with practical advice on running a Dino today, this is a definitive guide to a classic Ferrari.

Topics covered include full technical specifications and comparisons with contemporaries and complete history of the Ferrari Dino and derivatives, comprehensively illustrated with specially commissioned photographs and special feature panels throughout.


  • Conception
  • Birth
  • Reception
  • Production and Development
  • The Fiat Dino
  • Successors - 308GT4 and 308GTB
  • Afterthoughts - the Lancia Stratos
  • Ownership
  • Activities

Buch, Softcover, 19,5 x 25,5 cm, 192 Seiten, 82 farbige und 31 s/w-Abbildungen, englischer Text