Ferrari 308 & Mondial · 1974-1985 #2# Brooklands Ultimate Portfolio

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Ferrari 308 & Mondial · 1974-1985 #2# Brooklands Ultimate Portfolio

The story of these V8-engined Ferraris began in 1973 when the 308 GT4 was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. It was a 2+2 rather than a two-seater and it broke new ground in having a body styled by Bertone. People may not have liked the styling too much, but they loved the glorious new twin-cam 3-litre V8, which gave the car a 155mph top speed. For the Italian market there was a 1991 ccm V8 in what was badged a 208 GT4. Sales were steady but not spectacular and the Dino badging was dropped in May 1976 and production began to tail off during 1978. To the enthusiast today all that matters is whether the car is attractive in its own right and there are plenty of enthusiasts who number the models in this book among their most coveted cars and they will find plenty to feed their passion in its pages.

This book includes the road and comparison tests, new model reports, specifications, performance data, "Buyers Guide" and "Used Car Classic" articles, covering the following models:

  • 308
  • GT4
  • GTB
  • GTBi
  • GTBi QV
  • GTS
  • GTSi
  • GTSi QV
  • Mondial
  • 8
  • Quattrovalvole

Buch, Softcover, 20 x 27 cm, 208 Seiten, 70 farbige und 200 s/w-Abbildungen, englischer Text