Cosworth and Ford · The Road Cars #2# The Insiders' View

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Cosworth and Ford · The Road Cars #2# The Insiders' View

by Graham Robson

Although Cosworth's original link with Ford was with the Formula Junior engine of 1960, the first Cosworth-badged Ford road car did not appear until 1985. Although Cosworth had already developed many fine engines for Ford - the DFV F1 engine, and the all-purpose belt-driven BDA four-cylinder power unit among them -the first Ford car to carry the Cosworth badge was the now-legendary Sierra RS Cosworth.

In the next decade, the two companies cooperated in the evolution of aseries of Cosworth-badged road cars that built up a phenomenal reputation, not only on the road, but also in racing and rallying. For the very first time, this book tells the full story of that period, of the machinery itself, of the personalities who made it possible, and of the tempestuous period in which these cars came on to the market.

To follow up cars like the Escort RS saloons and the RS200, where Cosworth's involvement was always hidden, Ford first put the flamboyantly styled Sierra RS Cosworth on sale. After three generations of that model had been built, the more specialized and even more advanced Escort RS Cosworth range took its place. Along the way, too, Cosworth produced the silky-smooth V6 engines that powered the Scorpio 24V, this proving that high power could be delivered with the minimum of fuss.

To get to the bottom of this story, the author spent years interviewing engineers and managers at the very top of their profession to assemble full information about a technologically complex subject.

Lavishly illustrated with pictures researched from the depths of Ford's, and Cosworth's, own archives - some never before authorized for release - and with detailed analysis of the products themselves, this book is the definitive story of the cars which made "Cosworth-Ford" such a successful marriage.


  • Cosworth and Ford - the Beginning
  • BDA - Ford's First Cosworth-designed 16-valve Engine
  • Sierra RS Cosworth - the First Cosworth-badged Ford Car
  • Sierra RS500 Cosworth - the Ultimate Homologation Special
  • Sierra 'Sapphire' Cosworth - Ford's BMW-beater
  • Sierra Cosworth 4x4 - Performance with Poise
  • Sierra in Motorsport
  • ACE - Boreham's Escort RS Cosworth
  • Escort RS Cosworth on Sale
  • Escort RS Cosworth in Rallying
  • Scorpio 24V - Cosworth under the Bonnet

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