Ford Transit #2# The 40-year story of Britain's best-loved van

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Ford Transit #2# The 40-year story of Britain's best-loved van

by Graham Robson

The Ford Transit, 40 years old in 2005, is an icon, and this fun book - packed with facts, anecdotes, photographs, celebrity shots and technical diagrams -celebrates what has been one of the most successful Light Commercial Vehicles ever produced in Europe. Built on several sites and in many varieties, successive generations of Transit have set every industry standard since the mid-1960s.

"White van man" and the Transit were made for each other. But there is a Transit for every occasion. They are used as police vans, radio stations, milk floats, hoists for utility companies, school buses, libraries, animal transport, mobile homes, airline VIP tenders, dust carts and armoured security vehicles. There is even a racing Transit rumoured to top 200mph.


  • Where it all started
  • Building on two sites
  • Facelift time
  • VE6 - the second-generation Transit - 1986
  • VE64 and VE83 - maturity in the 1990s
  • Front-wheel-drive and an all-new Transit in 2000
  • Racers
  • Transit Connect

Buch, Hardcover, 20 x 26,5 cm, 144 Seiten, ca. 200 größtenteils farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text