Jaguar Design #2# A Story of Style: People · Process · Projects

ISBN-10: 1907085297

ISBN-13: 9781907085291


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Jaguar Design #2# A Story of Style: People · Process · Projects

by Nick Hull

One ingredient is common to every Jaguar - style.

Arguably a greater proportion of people have more passion for Jaguar than for any other car manufacturer. And the reason for this passion is style. Being more than merely functional motor cars, Jaguars stir the blood.

People like their Mercedes, BMW, Audi or Lexus, but they love their Jaguar!

Now this tremendous new book tells the great Jaguar styling story in fascinating detail from the earliest Swallow motorcycle sidecars, which the fledgling firm began producing in Blackpool in 1922, through the famous icons - such as the XK 120s, the Mk 2 saloons, the E-type and the XJ6 - to the very latest stylish pre-eminent cars produced so successfully today.

This is, essentially, the story of three men - company founder and owner Sir William Lyons, aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer and current Design Director Ian Callum. But author Nick Hull, himself a former Jaguar designer, also introduces readers to the little-known men behind the scenes and how each of the great trio achieved their stunning cars. Callum, who has written the Foreword, has opened doors and contributed great insights.

This beautifully produced book is a great addition to any enthusiast's library.

Buch, Hardcover, 24 x 29 cm, 512 Seiten, ca. 500 überwiegend farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text