Jaguar XK #2# A Collector's Guide

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ISBN-13: 9781899870578


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Jaguar XK #2# A Collector's Guide

by Paul Skilleter

This book provides vital information on all XK 120, XK 140 and XK 150 models - one of the most sought-after and cherished ranges of classic Jaguar performance cars.

More than 30.000 examples of the three series of XK open tourers, convertibles and coupes were manufactured over a period of 11 years, and the majority which have survived have become highly collectable classics by discerning enthusiasts, who recognize their significance within the total Jaguar performance-car legend. For it was the original XK 120, introduced to a car-starved world in the aftermath of the World War II, which earned for Jaguar its biggest ever headlines and steered the company to brilliant success, not only in the international marketplace, but also on the race tracks of the world, where Jaguar's competition record was capped by five victories at Le Mans by the XK series racing derivatives, the famous C-type and D-type sports cars.


  • Ancestors and parentage
  • The XK 120
  • The XK 140
  • The XK 150
  • XKs in competition
  • Buying a Jaguar XK
  • Spares and maintenance


  • Technical specifications
  • Chassis numbers, engine numbers and model identification
  • Engine changes by model, date and number
  • XK colour finishes
  • XK production figures
  • Performance figures

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