Camion Lancia

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Camion Lancia

by Massimo Condolo

From the beginning of this century until the seventies Lancia designer closely monitored changes of technology from "3RO" model to the "one-off" models, limited series and variants introduced during production, even after the Second World War. Each model mentioned is supported by technical schedules. Specifications and production figures are taken from Lancia archives wherever possible.


  • The first many:
    Eta and 1Z
  • The first real lorries:
    Iota series
  • A truck chassis to carry passengers:
  • The era of the Junkers engine:
    Ro and Ro-Ro
  • Four stroke engines take over:
    3Ro and Esarò
  • Under Bombardment:
    Lynx and Electric Vehicles
  • From "conventionals" to "cabovers":
  • The boffins at work:
    Beta CL51
  • Cars that go to work:
    Artena, Arden and Appia
  • Soldiers in peacetime:
    206, 506, 661 and military prototypes
  • Scaled down refinement:
  • A Lancia for small businesses:
    Jolly and Superjolly
  • A technological finale:

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