Maserati #2# The Family Silver

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Maserati #2# The Family Silver

by Nigel Trow

This book is the first ever truly authoritative history of one of the most iconic names in motoring, Maserati. It is the result of fifteen years of painstaking research by leading automotive historian Nigel Trow and documents the story of Maserati from 1881 to 2014.

Compelling in style and definitive in detail Maserati, it sets out the spellbinding story of the Maserati marque, as well as the history of the Maserati and Orsi families whose genius and passion created and sustained the marque over the years.

Not forgotten are the artisans, engineers and drivers whose unique talents helped burnish the Maserati family silver, including such remarkable individuals as Tazio Nuvolari, Giulio Alfieri, Guerino Bertocchi, Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss.

Granted unprecedented access to Maserati archives and family papers, Nigel Trow has also interviewed many of the key players in the Maserati story, unearthing many hitherto unknown facts and debunking many of the myths and legends that have grown up around the marque.

Extending to two volumes, 26 chapters and 872 pages, this outstanding book includes over 200 colour and black & white photos, illustrations and technical drawings, many previously unpublished. It also includes a comprehensive reference index, a register of race results and detailed technical specifications for all of the Trident's cars and commercial vehicles.


BOOK 1 · 1881-1944

  • The Familiy Silver
  • Making the Marque
  • Maserati & Co.
  • A Time of Ideas
  • Varzi
  • The Equal of Any
  • Death in the Family
  • Politics and Power
  • The Golden Age
  • Leaving Bologna
  • War

BOOK 2 · 1945-2014

  • Peace
  • New Italy and Sports Cars
  • A Turbulent Reconstruction
  • Challenging Ferrari
  • The 250F
  • The Argentina Disaster
  • Too Much, Too Late
  • From World Champion to Administration
  • Opening the Birgcage
  • Revival and Road Cars
  • Wheeling and Dealing
  • Winds of Change
  • Rescue and Release
  • Epilogue
  • Maserati Racing Victories
  • Maserati Technical Specifications

Buch, 2 Bände im Schuber, Hardcover, 22 x 27,5 cm, 872 Seiten, ca. 200 teils farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text