Two Summers #2# The Mercedes-Benz W 196 R Racing Car

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Two Summers #2# The Mercedes-Benz W 196 R Racing Car

by Robert Ackerson

This book offers a fresh, revealing and highly personal window into the culture of Grand Prix racing as it was during the 1954 and 1955 championships. It's core is devoted to individual portraits of the twelve races that comprised the 1954-55 seasons in which the W196R participated. Of those races, Fangio won seven and Moss won two.

With its carefully-crafted observations and conclusions, given added drama by its richly-detailed illustrations, there are numerous examples of the energy and dynamic nature of these racing seasons - not the least being abundant evidence that Fangio was indeed the ultimate master of the art and science of racing a Grand Prix automobile, and that the W196R was the instrument with which he honed his skills. This book captures the decisive moments when victory - hanging in the balance - was tilted towards Fangio by his own steady hand on the wheel and iron discipline.

The W196R's racing days may be long gone, but it remains a shining star of Mercedes-Benz' participation in motor sport heritage events world wide.

It's this timeless appeal of the W196R that gives this book its vitality, charm and enduring attraction.


  • The 1954 French Grand Prix
  • The 1954 British Grand Prix
  • The 1954 German Grand Prix
  • The 1954 Swiss Grand Prix
  • The 1954 Italian Grand Prix
  • The 1954 Spanish Grand Prix
  • The 1955 Argentinian Grand Prix
  • The 1955 Monaco Grand Prix
  • The 1955 Belgian Grand Prix
  • The 1955 Dutch Grand Prix
  • The 1955 British Grand Prix
  • The 1955 Italian Grand Prix
  • Appendix - The 1954 Berlin Grand Prix

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