Mercedes-Benz SLK #2# R171 series 2004-2011

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Mercedes-Benz SLK #2# R171 series 2004-2011

by Brian Long

The second in a series of SLK titles, this detailed volume presents the full history of the second generation "Sportlich, Leicht und Kurz" - the SLK. With an introduction to the Mercedes-Benz marque and the preceding SLK model. The book then moves on to development of the R171, followed by details of all SLK R171 production models and the optional extras that were sold with them). Also included are comprehensive appendices describing year-by-year changes, engine specifications, standard colours, trim options and production numbers.


  • History of the Brand
  • The Earlier SLK Models
  • Ready for the Showroom
  • The Early Production Cars
  • The R171 Face-lift
  • End of the Second Generation
  • Appendix I:
    Year-By-Year Range Details
  • Appendix II:
    Engine Specifications
  • Appendix III:
    Chassis Numbers and Production Figures

Buch, Hardcover, 25,5 x 25,5 cm, 224 Seiten, 388 überwiegend farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text