The Rover Group — Company and Cars · 1986-2000

The Rover Group — Company and Cars · 1986-2000
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by Mike Gould The history of the British motor industry is a long and troubled one. At... mehr
The Rover Group — Company and Cars · 1986-2000

by Mike Gould

The history of the British motor industry is a long and troubled one. At its core is the story of the Rover Group, a company that went from public to private ownership in the hands of both UK and German management, yet continued an inexorable spiral of decline until its dramatic sell-off in 2000. Yet from its ruins emerged two of Britain's most successful manufacturing businesses - foreign-owned, but a fragment of the country's booming motor industry of decades past.

This book not only details the development and specifications of the cars produced by the group during its officiallife from 1986 to 2000, but also outlines how the company evolved. It draws on newly published sources to examine the subsequent fate of its successors, including MG Rover, a venture that kept the Longbridge plant running until the acrimonious collapse in 2005. The events leading up to the creation of the Rover Group are also covered, revealing how its predecessor, British Leyland, went from being one of the country's top five companies to a national laughing stock.

Author Mike Gould has the unrivalled attribute of being a first-hand witness as the story unfurled. Starting with the Rover Company in 1972, his career from Cost Analyst working on classics such as the Rover SD1, Triumph TR7 and Range Rover, to Public Relations Manager helping with the Ford takeover of Land Rover, meant that he was at the heart of the action for over thirty years. He includes with his own account material from leading personalities of the company.

With a foreword by financier Jon Moulton (involved in the attempt of Land Rover's managers to buy the company in the 1980s and who led the Alchemy Partners bid to buy MG in 2000), this book is a compelling insider's story of one of the most complex and controversial episodes in the last days of the British motoring industry.


Part One: Company

  • The Rocky Road - Rover's Evolution
  • The Honda Connection
  • Land Rover Blazes a Trial
  • Come Fly with Me - The BAe Years
  • The Men from Munich
  • Aftermath: MG Rover
  • Aftermath: Land Rover
  • Aftermath: Mini

Part Two: Cars

  • The Leyland Legacy
  • The Honda Years
  • Home-Grown
  • Land Rover Expansion to Success
  • Postscript

Buch, Hardcover, 22 x 26,5 cm, 208 Seiten, 270 überwiegend farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text

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