Triumph #2# Sport and Elegance

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Triumph #2# Sport and Elegance

by Bill Piggott

Of all the distinguished manufacturer names in the history of the UK car industry, that of Triumph must be one of the best-remernbered and best-loved. Although a relatively small maker of high-quality vehicles in the pre-war period, post-war the company, revitalised and expanded under the aegis of the redoubtable Sir John Black, produced literally millions of cars, many of which are still in daily use worldwide.

The name Triumph conjures up visions of characterful saloon cars and affordable sports cars - Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire, GT6, 2000/2500, Stag and, perhaps above all, the TR range. This authoritative book analyses the full span of post-war saloons, convertibles, sports cars and prototypes, frorn the eccentric 1946 roadster (boasting a dickey seat), to the sophisticated TR8 from the early 1980s. Also featured are Triumph spin-offs and derivatives such as the Peerless, and the competition successes including Le Mans and the Mille Miglia.

This book combines a brief marque history with expert information on the different models - specifications, driving impressions and buying hints - together with glorious photography. It adds up to a feast of enjoyment for those who admire these well-made, and often rather sporty, machines and the owners who still cherish them.


  • The roots of the Triumph company
  • The Razor-Edge era
  • The Herald family
  • The Triumph 2000 family
  • The front-wheel-drive Triumphs
  • From Toledo to Dolomite
  • The 'sidescreen' TRs
  • The TR4 and TR4A
  • The TR5, TR250 and TR6
  • The Spitfire
  • The GT6
  • The Triumph Stag
  • The TR7 and TR8
  • The demise of Triumph

Buch, Hardcover, 21,5 x 27,5 cm, 176 Seiten, 110 farbige und 40 s/w-Abbildungen, englischer Text