VW Camper Inspirational Interiors #2# Bespoke and Custom Interior Designs

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VW Camper Inspirational Interiors #2# Bespoke and Custom Interior Designs

by David Eccles

The VW Camper was the first motor caravan to be available to a large market; it has become a classic icon conjuring up nostalgia while being rich in romantic associations of freedom, individuality and optimism. Early VW Camper interiors were simple and low tech, with basic sleeping, cooking, eating and washing facilities, an evaporation or ice-chilled coolbox, and storage for clothes and bedding. It didn't take long for the first bespoke interiors to appear as the rectangular space of the VW's cargo area was ideal for designing a flexible layout, giving three sides on which to arrange seats and cabinets, plus the area at the rear above the engine bay. Working within these confines, converters have come up with many ingenious ways to maximize use of space. There are also seemingly infinite additional methods and ways owners themselves have come up with to adapt and refine traditional and tested layouts, whether by combining ideas from several different conversions, or by taking a radical, completely new approach to traditionallayouts with circular seating or curving cabinets. These interiors take individual design routes, and it is this that is celebrated in this book.

Whether spartan minimalist or decadent luxury, an interior is an owner's own personalliving space and a reflection of his or her personality and lifestyle. Whatever the design approach, the keywords that come up again and again are that the interior must be practical, stylish and distinctive.

Interior design is not just about layout, furniture shape and cabinet finish. One very straightforward way to transform an interior is to simply clean and refurbish the existing cabinet-work using new fabrics and materials for seats and curtains, and even interior panels or headliner. By introducing modern or retro-style fabrics and patterns, adding contrast panels, stitching or piping detailing to upholstery, dressing the bus with accessories from throws and cushions to colour co-ordinated crockery and being imaginative in choice of colours, a conventional or stock interior can be dramatically changed at much less effort or cost. A new set of curtains and seat covers and new fiooring still makes for an individuallook and interior.

The title of the book says it all really - here is a collection of over fifty inspirational interiors to enjoy looking at and to be inspired by.

Buch, Hardcover, 21,5 x 30 cm, 224 Seiten, 400 farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text