Weber Carburettors / Vergaser #2# Tuning Tips and Techniques

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Weber Carburettors / Vergaser #2# Tuning Tips and Techniques

by John Passini

This book is the distillation of many years experience of working with Weber carburettors. These celebrated carburettors have been fitted to some of the most exciting and memorable cars and have been more widely used by tuners and modifiers, both for road and competition machinery, than any alternative. The mysteries of why and how they work so well and the practicalities of getting the best from them in any application are explained at length. Setting the carburettor to suit a particular engine, fault finding on an existing installation, and the maintenance and repair of older carburettors are all topics which receive detailed attention. Anyone maintaining or restoring a classic Weber equipped car, or contemplating a Weber based conversion, or simply interested in the science of engine performance and tuning, will learn something from these pages.


  • Basic principles
  • Carburation and tuning
  • The main system
  • Emulsion tubes
  • Main jets
  • Idling and progression
  • Accelerator pumps
  • Float chambers
  • Spindles
  • Starting devices
  • Air filters and intakes
  • Footnotes

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