Ford Mustang 1964½ - 1966 #2# Collector's Originality Guide

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Ford Mustang 1964½ - 1966 #2# Collector's Originality Guide

by Colin Date

The first Mustangs represented an exciting, romantic lifestyle and automotive passion that few other cars have been able to emulate. It all started with Ford's massive kickoff on April 17, 1964. The new Mustangs smashed all sales records by selling 22.000 units the very first day, and another 241.434 by year's end. Within a year, 418.812 Mustangs were sitting in driveways throughout North America.

Even with such staggering production numbers, less than 5 percent of this first generation of Mustangs remains in unmodified condition today.

This book is all about keeping the legend alive. It offers a historical point of reference for the early Mustangs, before "modification" became a household word. These pages feature either immaculately restored cars or unmolested originals, with detailed photographs that make it easy to differentiate between various years and models. Detailed tables describe both standard and optional equipment for every model, including the storied Mustangs from Carroll Shelby's stable.

Whether you're a collector, a restorer, or simply a Mustang fan, this book will be a valuable addition to your automotive library. It will help you restore your Mustang to 100% originality with the aid of exceptionally crisp color photographs that guide you step-by-step through the entire process. Serial and engine numbers, paint codes, trim, options, and technical tips presented are invaluable aids for do-it-yourself restorers. Colin Date's expert techniques help you avoid the pitfalls that often ruin an otherwise successful restoration project.


  • Mustang Primer:
    Understanding the Basics
  • The Details:
    Sweating the Small Stuff
  • 1964½
  • 1965
  • 1966
  • The Shelby Mustangs

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