Back on track #2# Racing in the 1940s

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Back on track #2# Racing in the 1940s

by Alessandro Silva

The immediate post-WW II years (1945-1949) was a very vital period for motor-sport and open-wheel motor-racing as we know it today has its roots, Formula 1 included of course, in it. This text describes 340 races (Grand Prix, Formula 2, Formule Libre) held in 180 different venues in Continental Europe, U.K., South America, Australia, South Africa, together with the technical characteristics of the cars that took part in them and the evolution of the sport in the different Countries. Biographical notes of 626 drivers are given together with a list of their racing appearances. The Index of the cars comprises all the cars that took part to the races considered. They are listed by make and, for most of them, by serial numbers (chassis and/or engine or registration) with complete racing appearances. The Tables of Results comprise the complete results of 244 races.

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