The Essence #2# Aston Martin from DB2 to DB6

The Essence #2# Aston Martin from DB2 to DB6

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The Essence #2# Aston Martin from DB2 to DB6

by Etienne Dricot

This stunning book with a foreward by Kingsley Riding-Felce (former Managing Director of AM Works) should be a feature on the bookshelf or coffee table of any committed classic Aston Martin nut.

Painstakingly compiled over a 10 year period, this beautiful book, which is two volumes (Vol. I: DB2 to DB MKIII / Vol. II: DB4 to DB6) features 1.400 exclusive pictures of 135 different cars, from what was one of the golden periods of Aston Martin production. All versions left hand drive, right hand drive, standard, Vantage, Saloon, FHC, DHC, convertible, volante, hard top, in each series are included with technical details of each model, presentation side by side, pictures of brochures and handbooks, useful car comparison. Limited to just 2.000 copies and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

Buch, Doppelband im Schuber, Hardcover, 31 x 27 cm, insges. 500 Seiten, 1.400 farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text
limitiert auf 2000 Exemplare