VW Camper · The Inside Story #2# A Guide to VW Camping Conversions and Interiors 1951-2020

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VW Camper · The Inside Story #2# A Guide to VW Camping Conversions and Interiors 1951-2020

by David Eccles

Since its introduction in March 1950, the Volkswagen Transporter has become an instantly recognizable, classic icon on roads all over the world. Of all its uses, special bodies and variants, the VW Campervan is the most popular and best known, and it is the Camper, in its many different forms, that is documented and celebrated in this book.

This revised and expanded third edition updates the story across six generations of the VW Bus and includes additional information and pictures, including more conversions, as well new information about the very early years and the latest models. Using archive and period brochure images, and photographs of original-condition models still surviving to illustrate the detailed text, it documents the various specifications, layouts, fitments and optional equipment of over forty different conversion companies, from well-known names like Devon and Westfalia, to lesser-known or unusual models such as Slumberwagen and Arcomobil.

No book could definitively document every single conversion built over the past seventy years, but this book includes all the main models and conversions produced in Europe, the UK, North America, Australia and South Africa, as well as many lesser known, unusual or rare conversions. For ease of reference the conversions have been listed in alphabetical order, and, wherever possible, all generations of VW Campers produced by a company have been described in chronological order within that chapter. Appendices also list the colour combinations and paint codes, matched to year, used by VW from 1950 until 1979.


  • The first VW Camper?
  • Adventurewagen
  • Amescador
  • Arcomobil
  • Australian Campers
  • Auto-Sleeper
  • Bilbo's Campers
  • Of Campmobiles and Canadianas
  • Canterbury Pitt Motor Caravans
  • The Caraversions HiTop
  • Danbury Conversions
  • Dehler Profi
  • Devon Camping Conversions
  • Dormobile
  • Eurec Camper
  • EZ Campers
  • Gardena Gypsy
  • Holdsworth Conversions
  • Joch Camping
  • Kamper Kits
  • Karman Coach-Built Campers
  • Mobitel
  • Moortown Motors: The Autohome
  • Oxley Coachcraft Conversions
  • Camping Danish Style: The Poba Camper
  • Reimo Conversions
  • Riviera/ASI Campers
  • Safaré Custom Campers
  • Searle Carawagen
  • The Service Mota-Caravan
  • The Slumberwagen
  • South African Campers
  • Spirit Campers
  • Sport Kocijan: An Austrian Alternative
  • Sportsmobile
  • Sundial Campers
  • Syro Kit Campers and Conversions
  • T3 Campers (UK)
  • Teca Conversions
  • Tischer Demountable Campers
  • Viking
  • VW California
  • Westfalia Campers
  • The York Motor Caravan
  • Appendices

Buch, Softcover, 21 x 29,7 cm, 208 Seiten, 500 farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text