Ian Walker Racing — The Man and His Cars

Ian Walker Racing — The Man and His Cars
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by Julian Balme This book explores the life and times of Ian Walker. "Walker The Talker" as... more
Ian Walker Racing — The Man and His Cars

by Julian Balme

This book explores the life and times of Ian Walker. "Walker The Talker" as he was frequently referred to, was an astute businessman whose life offered many challenges. Ian Walker and Ian Walker Racing were prominent names in motor racing in the 1960's alongside that of Colin Chapman and Lotus, with whom he enjoyed a great friendship. Ian Walker embraced almost all forms of post-war motorsport, from rallying to racing, from driver to team manager, from car manufacturer to car dealer, all achieved in just ten years.

His exceptionally high standards of preparation and presentation saw Ian Walker Racing universally recognised as the Lotus "B team". Consequently he would provide drives for three future world champions, Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Sir Jackie Stewart, along with a host of other talented drivers including Mike Spence and Paul Hawkins.

This exhaustive book looks chronologically at Ian Walkers life, the cars he built and raced, and the people that were part of his great adventure during the heady period of the 60's, a time that began the transformation of motor racing into the business it has since become. Each and every copy is supplied in a deluxe cloth covered slipcase and contains 400 images, many from the Walker family archive.


  • Foreword
    Graham Warner
  • Introduction
    Julian Balme
  • Walker the Talker
    A North London human dynamo
  • Rallying
    Monte Carlo but never bust
  • Race Craft
    The Autosport Championship years
  • Racing 1959-1961
    Disappointments and triumphs
  • 22s and 23s
    The birth if Ian Walker Racing
  • Into the Black
    Brabhams for the 1963 season
  • Lemon & Gold
    Contrasting success with Lotus in 1964
  • Team to Dealership
    North London's Lotus centre
  • Aeroplanes
    Scale models and air taxis
  • Blue Flash
    And onto FAI
  • The Cars
    Significant survivors
  • Index

Buch, Hardcover im Schuber, 30,5 x 30,5 cm, 208 Seiten, ca. 200 farbige und 200 s/w-Abbildungen, englischer Text

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