Rare & Unique Vehicles — No. 8 · Autumn 2022

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Fascinating Automotive History Rare & Unique Vehicles is an exciting quarterly magazine,... more
Rare & Unique Vehicles — No. 8 · Autumn 2022

Fascinating Automotive History

Rare & Unique Vehicles is an exciting quarterly magazine, which aims to show and interpret the rarest and the most unique vehicles from the world of classic motoring.

Each issue focuses on a central theme, followed by a few anniversary-related features, and two sections: "Collector's Corner" and "Spin the Globe". "Collector's Corner" shows exciting cars, trucks and motorcycles from private collections. "Spin the Globe" is unique column, featuring unusual and interesting cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and other various transportation vehicles from around the world.

Issue No. 8 is featuring “The Firsts” as its central theme.


“The Firsts” – From The Carburetor To The First Supercar in Monaco

  • Michael Edwards: Before His TIme – Edward Butler And The Petrol Cycle
  • Thomas Ulrich: Record Signal – Mors 60 HP, 1902
  • Dr Pál Négyesi: When we were young – How cars became classic?
  • Eric Eckermann: Powerful Flow – Story of Fuel Injection
  • Dr Pál Négyesi: Elegant Thinking – Jensen “White Lady”
  • Michele P. Casiraghi: Born To Be Champion: Ferrari’s 815
  • Rich Truesdell: Fast Revolution – Rambler Rebel
  • Alexander W Trimmel: The First Fiberglass Monocoques – Lotus Elite vs Rochdale Olympic
  • Dr Pál Négyesi: The Future is Rotary – Mazda Cosmo Sport L402A
  • Alexander W Trimmel: Apfelbeck’s Paper Kite – BMW “Monti”
  • Dr Pál Négyesi: Anything You Want To Be – General Motors BTV
  • Erik Van Ingen Schenau: Serve The People – Jeeps Made in China
  • David Rodriguez: The Forgotten Supercar – MCA Centenaire
  • V. Christian Manz: Luxury On The Road and In The Water – Amphi Ranger

Collectors’ Corner

  • Sammlung K: History’s Witness – 1934 Mercedes 500K/540K Spezial Roadster
  • Auto Veteran: World Traveller – Hispano-Suiza H6 by Duvivier
  • Lane Motor Museum: The Jeep of Tomorrow – Surlesmobile

Spin The Globe

  • Oliver Wolf: Ditmar & Urban – Forgotten Son of Graz

Magazin, 21 x 28 cm, 146 Seiten, zahlreiche Abbildungen, englischer Text