Porsche and Me — Hans Mezger · An Autobiography

Porsche and Me — Hans Mezger · An Autobiography
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by Hans Mezger with Peter Morgan The autobiography of one of the most prolific automobile... more
Porsche and Me — Hans Mezger · An Autobiography

by Hans Mezger with Peter Morgan

The autobiography of one of the most prolific automobile engineers of the twentieth century. Hans Mezger joined Porsche in 1956 and became a principal contributor to the Stuttgart auto manufacturer's unmatched success over the following 37 years. Demonstrating an early command of mathematics and analysis, Mezger cut his teeth on improving the competitiveness of the famed "Fuhrmann" 4-cam engine, moving on in 1960 to Porsche's F1 programme and becoming a driving force in the design of the 8-cylinder F1 engine. The following year, he was charged with responsibility for the design of the new six cylinder 911 engine, understanding from the start the need for its suitability for both production and motorsport - arguably the most far reaching technical decision in Porsche's history.

In 1965, he became head of the new race design office and subsequently led the design of all the iconic Porsche prototypes of the 1960s, including the 910, 907, 908 and climaxing in the unforgettable 917. In the 1100 horsepower 917/30 Can-Am race cars, his department delivered industry leadership for Porsche in turbocharging technology. The later 936 demonstrated that his race design office were masters of endurance race car design. When the McLaren-TAG F1 team came to Porsche for a turbo engine in the 1980s, it was Mezger who led the design and development of the engine that resulted in three consecutive F1 world championships.

Hans Mezger is justly acknowledged in every motorsport arena in the world from Monte Carlo to Indianapolis and of course, Le Mans.

This richly personal account of a dedicated and loyal Porsche engineer will quicken every enthusiast's heart and underline why the name of Porsche is so respected today. It is an unmatched account of life at Porsche from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Buch, Hardcover, 25,5 x 25,5 cm, 208 Seiten, ca. 200 überwiegend farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text