Everyday Modifications for your MGF and TF

ISBN-10: 1785004298

ISBN-13: 9781785004292


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Everyday Modifications for your MGF and TF

by Roger Parker

The books in the "Everyday Modifications" series are designed to guide classic car owners through the workshop skills needed to make their cars easier to use and enjoy. MG expert Roger Parker offers his advice on a range of modifications and changes that can be applied to the MGF and MG TF, which will not impinge on the practical daily use of the cars.

With important and specific safety information and advice throughout, the book also covers:

  • Road legal, insurance and market value aspects
  • Wheel and tyre options
  • Powertrain upgrades (engine and transmission)
  • Electrical system upgrade options
  • Setting up and specific maintenance aspects

Buch, Softcover, 19 x 24,5 cm, 240 Seiten, 449 farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text