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Colin Chapman — The Authorised Biography

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by Jabby Crombac This two-volume-book tells the story about the life and legacy of the man... mehr
Colin Chapman — The Authorised Biography

by Jabby Crombac

This two-volume-book tells the story about the life and legacy of the man behind Lotus. It is the official and definitive record of his achievements, a full and authoritative text and outstanding images which capture the extraordinary history of one of the world’s most iconic brands.

Colin Chapman · The Authorised Biography has been published by Coterie Press in collaboration with Colin Chapman’s son Clive and Classic Team Lotus, and the book is a fitting and personal tribute to the company’s first 75 years – being celebrated in 2023.

The book consists of two 264-page volumes presented in a hard slipcase. It draws upon three principal sources – the biographical record of Chapman written by Gerard ‘Jabby’ Crombac soon after Colin’s death in 1982; the autobiography of Fred Bushell, Finance Director at Lotus for many years; and a multitude of assorted period texts and additional new material written and gathered by author, photographer and publisher of many leading books about Lotus history, William Taylor.

In combination with more than 1500 images – many from the personal family albums maintained by Colin’s wife and Lotus co-founder Hazel Chapman – the text captures the extraordinary story of Chapman’s many accomplishments and provides a fascinating insight into the man.

Buch, Hardcover, 2 Bände im Schuber, 27,5 x 27,5 cm, insges. 528 Seiten, ca. 1.500 Abbildungen, englischer Text

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