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24 Hours of Le Mans · 1923-2023 — Centenary Edition

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by Jean-Marc Teissedre and Thibaut Villemant Le Mans, for its afficionados, exists as... mehr
24 Hours of Le Mans · 1923-2023 — Centenary Edition

by Jean-Marc Teissedre and Thibaut Villemant

Le Mans, for its afficionados, exists as especially strong memories of places and scenes, of figures and destinies. Throughout its century of existence, these moments have been captured in countless photographs. From black & white to colour, these particularly vivid images bring to life a whole world: that of the cars, naturally, but also of the many human players – drivers, engineers, mechanics… – and the public, always numerous and varied.

This luxurious book of more than 400 pages, imposing in size and carefully finished, is presented like an album of mostly unpublished photographs, arranged chronologically. These images bring to life a century of emotions and sporting exploits while recalling the myriad technological advances. Punctuating the whole are 5 notebooks annotating this story, showcased both by their colour and their format. The whole is graced with an elegant and airy layout that reproduces the intense rhythm so characteristic of this event.

The authors are true historians and connoisseurs of the event, who summarise in a synthetic and lively manner the major moments of Le Mans and the actions of key figures, identifying five main periods:

  • 1923-1939 - The age of pioneers
  • 1949-1967 - Reconstruction and globalisation
  • 1968-1981 - Seeking the right solution
  • 1982-1999 - A new start for Endurance
  • 2000-2022 - Dawn of an energy revolution

The choice of 7 printed colors on a high-quality coated paper offers optimal colour reproduction and a fantastic greyscale range. The text sections stand out from the body of the book thanks to both their slightly smaller format and their paper, which has a fibrous feel and is camel beige in colour. The elegance of the airy layout nonetheless captures the intense rhythm that is so characteristic of the event.

Alluding to the exclusive Centenary trophy, the cover of the book is covered with a top-of-the-range canvas in a matt “golden bronze” color that contrasts sharply with the black of the bevelled case, a real presentation support allowing the book to be displayed vertically.

Buch, Hardcover im Schuber, 29,5 x 36,5 cm, 416 Seiten, ca. 600 überwiegend farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text