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Porsche Decades

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  • 1956309160
  • 9781956309164
by Jay Gillotti This book is an introduction to Porsche history from 1875 to the 2023. It is... mehr
Porsche Decades

by Jay Gillotti

This book is an introduction to Porsche history from 1875 to the 2023. It is written and designed for new Porsche owners, new Porsche club members, or those new to learning about the brand. Each chapter touches on the major events and projects important to Porsche’s history during the period. The main topics are meant to spark further interest and provide a jumping off point for future exploration of this fascinating automotive and engineering history. Plentiful sidebars add general knowledge and enrich the narrative for new and experienced Porsche enthusiasts alike.

The first chapter covers 1875 to the end of World War I. Each chapter from the second on covers a succeeding decade of Porsche history. The book explores both road car and competition car history, including Ferdinand Porsche’s prolific output prior to Porsche becoming a manufacturer in 1948. There is a brief overview of the important features and developments for all of Porsche’s important cars including changes from one generation to the next. Simple charts compare generations of Porsche’s 356 and 911 sports cars. The book also introduces numerous important Porsche employees whose work shaped the performance legacy and traditions of Porsche cars.

The book includes over 300 images. There are appendices for Porsche’s type number history and prominent appearances by Porsches in Hollywood films. An extensive bibliography details books, magazine and internet articles for readers to explore for more information on topics of interest. Travel across the decades of automotive history and through the travails and triumphs of Porsche’s fascinating history.

Buch, Hardcover, 23,5 x 28,5 cm, 356 Seiten, 312 überwiegend farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text