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Figoni on Delahaye

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  • 1956309136
  • 9781956309133
by Richard Adatto with Diana Meredith Written by Richard Adatto, noted expert on French... mehr
Figoni on Delahaye

by Richard Adatto with Diana Meredith

Written by Richard Adatto, noted expert on French coachbuilders, and co-writer Diana Meredith, Figoni on Delahaye pays homage to the artistic genius of Joseph Figoni and the beautiful bodies he both designed and built for Delahaye. The book shows the evolution of his creative process, illustrated through his pen and pencil drawings and designs. He also used clay models and truescale wire mock-ups mounted on the chassis, but only his drawings and a small wooden model survive. Today, modern photographs, many by renowned automotive photographer Michael Furman, allow us to appreciate the unique features of these decades-old cars, now restored to their original splendor. In addition, the notebooks, vintage photographs, and historical documents in the Figoni Archive help tell the full story of many cars. Over fifty Delahayes are featured in detail, each with striking Figoni coachwork. Many drawings, several never published before, are included in a unique appendix to the book, entitled Joseph Figoni’s Designs and Drawings.

Claude Figoni, Joseph’s son, provides a vivid account of his father’s humble beginnings, his growth as a craftsman and artist, his difficulties during World War II, and his eventual recognition as France’s premier coachbuilder. Figoni on Delahaye also includes Richard Adatto’s personal recollections of his encounters with car owners and admirers, of finding cars long believed lost, and of meeting restorers and historians whose passion for Figoni-designed cars equals his own.

Buch, Hardcover im Schuber, 24 x 28,5 cm, 328 Seiten, 302 teils farbige Abbildungen, englischer Text